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The need to have a generator at your place is increasing, especially if you are living in remote areas. Disaster prone areas and places where you often face blackout, tend to have power issues. Therefore, the solution to all of such problems is getting the best Portable Inverter Generator.

The product selected by our team is the “Champion portable inverter generator”. It provides you with the 3100 Watt of power capacity, which is enough to handle a number of your household electrical appliances. Furthermore, it has a dual fuel source.You can either run it on the gas or on the propane. It also gives you the warranty of three years.

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Consumers Review

Products Image

Products Name

Running watt

3100 Watt

1600 Watt

3700 Watt

2500 Watt

3600 Watt

Starting watt

3400 Watt

2000 Watt

4500 Watt

3250 Watt

4500 Watt

Engine (cc)

192 cc

79 cc

224 cc

196 cc

224 cc

Voltage & Amp@RV

120 V, 30 A

N/A, 30 amps

120 V, 30 A


120 V, 30 A

Voltage & Amp@Household

120 V, 20 A



10 V, 20 A

120 V, 20 A

Voltage & Amp@Locking

120 V




120 V, 30 A

Fuel Sources (Duel Fuel/gas)

Duel fuel





Fuel Tank Capacity

1.6 gal.

1.1 gal.

3.4 gal.

4 gal

3.43 gal

Fuel Consumption


Very efficient

Highly efficient



Sound/Noise Level (dBA)






Running Time

7.5 hours at 25 % load

7 hours at 50 % load

18 hours at 25 % load

8 hours at 50 % load

10 hours at 50 % load

USB Port (DC-Supply)







95.7 lbs

46 lbs

93 lbs

104.8 lbs

122 lbs


25.1 × 17.3 × 18.3 inches

22 × 13 × 20 inches

18 × 10 × 15.5 inches

24 × 18 × 18 inches

29.72 × 21.06 ×24.01 inches


3 years

2 years

3 years

Limited warranty

Limited warranty


01. Champion Portable Inverter Generator

Salient Feature

  • Running watt: 3100 Watt 
  • Starting watt: 3400 Watt 
  • Engine (cc): 192 cc
  • Voltage & Amp@RV: 120V, 30A
  • Voltage & Amp@Household: 120V, 20A
  • Voltage & Amp@Locking: 120V
  • Fuel Sources (Duel Fuel/gas): Duel fuel
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.6 gal.
  • Fuel Consumption: N/A
  • Sound/Noise Level (dBA): 59
  • Running Time: 7.5 hours at 25 % load
  • USB Port (DC-Supply): Yes 
  • Weight: 95.7 lbs
  • Dimension: 25.1 × 17.3 × 18.3 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years

This inverter generator allows you the ease of working easily anywhere. Design and weight of this generator is constructed in a way to make it portable. Therefore, this will prove itself to be your best working partner as well as for your home.


This portable inverter generator by Champion weighs only around 95 lbs. Therefore, because of its lightweight, you can carry it to your working destination easily or anywhere you want. The need to pay extra for the transportation will be reduced. So, if you are planning a tour with your friends and family, you can keep it along with you.

Easy control:

The control system of this electric generator is very easy and simple. You don’t have to fall into complications, simply push the start button and you are ready to go. Nothing could be easier and simple then this. Everything will be at the touch of your finger. Therefore, it is simply perfect for the ones who have not dealt with any generator before.

Dual fuel option:

This electric inverter generator will provide you the option of dual fuel. You can either use propane or gasoline. This is to make sure that you always have enough fuel to run the generator. Even if you are going on camping, you won’t have to face any issue regarding the fuel.

Ultra-quiet operating:

A major issue with the previous models of generators was the noise levels. Generators tend to make loud noise, which is highly uncomfortable. Therefore, this latest model of electric generator provides you with the quietest function. It will only produce a noise of 59 dBA.


  • Easy startup with simply a push button
  • Provides you dual fuel option
  • Does not create loud noise
  • Can easily power the RV air-conditioner


  • A bit expensive

02. A-iPower SUA2000iV Portable Inverter Generator

Salient Feature

  • Running watt: 1600 Watt
  • Starting watt: 2000 Watt
  • Engine (cc): 79 cc
  • Voltage & Amp@RV: N/A, 30 amps
  • Voltage & Amp@Household: N/A
  • Voltage & Amp@Locking: N/A
  • Fuel Sources (Duel Fuel/gas): Gas 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.1 gal.
  • Fuel Consumption: Very efficient
  • Sound/Noise Level (dBA): 58
  • Running Time: 7 hours at 50 % load
  • USB Port (DC-Supply): N/A
  • Weight: 46 lbs
  • Dimension: 22 × 13 × 20 inches 
  • Warranty: 2 years

An extremely affordable inverter generator that is extremely portable. You can easily carry it around to anywhere you go. This will be your best travel partner if you are often on the road and love camping. The fuel efficiency in the generator will lower the amount of consumed fuel.

Fuel tank capacity:

This great fuel generator has the capacity of 1.1 gallons. So, if you have a plan to go on a road trip with your friends you can carry it around. Furthermore, the people who love camping need a portable generator that they can carry with them. Therefore, this generator will fit all of your needs and will be best choice for you.

Smart fuel consumption:

To ensure efficient fuel consumption, Low idle technology has been used in this generator. Therefore, your worry of running out of fuel will be gone forever. You can fill up its large fuel tank and can go anywhere you want.

Noiseless operation:

This generator produces only 58 dBA of noise. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the high noise levels. Camping would be no fun if you are at a quiet place and your generator produces loud noises. But with this generator by your side, you don’t have to worry about the noise disturbance.

Extremely lightweight:

The weight of this generator is only 50 pounds. You can easily keep it in your car and go on a long trip. Even if you want to use the generator at your home or at any outdoor event, this will come in handy. It is a decent small generator that won’t ever feel like a burden.


  • Extremely portable and lightweight
  • Runs perfectly on efficient fuel consumption
  • Plug and play technology
  • Inverter technology


  • Not best for high altitudes

03. Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Salient Feature

  • Running watt: 3700 Watt
  • Starting watt: 4500 Watt
  • Engine (cc): 224 cc
  • Voltage & Amp@RV: 120 V, 30 A
  • Voltage & Amp@Household: N/A
  • Voltage & Amp@Locking: N/A
  • Fuel Sources (Duel Fuel/gas): Gas 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.4 gal.
  • Fuel Consumption: Highly efficient
  • Sound/Noise Level (dBA): 52
  • Running Time: 18 hours at 25 % load
  • USB Port (DC-Supply): Yes  
  • Weight: 93 lbs
  • Dimension: 18 × 10 × 15.5 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years

This amazingly powerful inverted generator from Westinghouse provides you a classy design. The generator is extremely portable because of its lightweight and easy to carry construction. The use of great quality part for the manufacturing of this generator makes it even more likable.

Fuel efficiency:

An amazing feature of this laptop is its fuel efficiency. It has been designed and constructed with a “fuel efficiency” mode. This built-in feature will minimize the fuel consumed per hour. It will be a huge hit for the people who need a generator quite often. This not only helps you with the ease of mind but also reduces the fuel cost.

Extremely quiet:

This generator does not produce loud noise and is designed in a way to make the functionality as quiet as possible. So, if you hate loud noises and want a peaceful surrounding environment, then this will be perfect partner for you. This generator only produces noise levels of 52 dBA.

Powerful yet portable:

You can use this generator to run your electrical devices or any other use. It is powerful enough to provide you the power for continuous 18 hours on 25 % of load. Despite this powerful performance, the generator is lightweight and also has a handle and wheel system to take it anywhere.

Easy start:

The generator does not need high maintenance or set up. You simply have to push the start button to get the generator started. This will be quiet easy for people who are lazy and love taking shortcuts. A simple push button will allow you to start and also to set off the generator. Even a child can easily do that.


  • Extremely fuel efficient
  • Contains a 3.4 gal. of fuel tank
  • Extremely portable
  • Its design is also convenient
  • Does not produce loud noise


  • Lack dual-fuel option

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04. All Power America APG3012G 3250 Watt Portable Generator Gas Powered

Salient Feature

  • Running watt: 2500 Watt
  • Starting watt: 3250 Watt
  • Engine (cc): 196 cc 
  • Voltage & Amp@RV: N/A
  • Voltage & Amp@Household: 10 V, 20 A
  • Voltage & Amp@Locking: N/A
  • Fuel Sources (Duel Fuel/gas): Gas 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 4 gal.
  • Fuel Consumption: N/A
  • Sound/Noise Level (dBA): N/A
  • Running Time: 8 hours at 50 % load
  • USB Port (DC-Supply): Yes 
  • Weight: 104.8 lbs
  • Dimension: 24 × 18 × 18 inches
  • Warranty: Limited warranty

This extremely fierce generator with strong build and powerful features is one of the most likable generators. Furthermore, the engine of this generator is also powerful and gives you all the power you need.

Heavy duty:

This powerful generator is one of the heavy duty ones. Therefore, it is widely used by the professional workers, event planners and in places that suffer from natural disasters. It has a self-protection system for the proper safety of the generator.

Powerful engine:

The 196 cc engine of this heavy duty generator has the 6.5 HP. It is powerful enough to be used for any sort of work and at any place. Furthermore, it is also having OHV air cooling system that will prevent the over-heating of the engine. This adds to the protection of the engine and prevents any external or internal damage.

Greater fuel capacity:

Being a heavy duty generator surely adds to the difficult situations it has to face. Therefore, it has been ensured that it never run out of the fuel very quickly. That is the very reason of using the greater fuel capacity tank of 4 gallons. So, if you are using this generator, you do not ever have to suffer from the hassle of daily fuel filing.


Despite being a heavy duty generator and having 4 gallons of fuel tank, it is giving a tough competition to the competitors with its lightweight features. It only weighs around a 100 pound and that is why it is easy to carry to disaster prone places during time of emergency.


  • One of the best heavy duty generators
  • Extremely portable
  • Provides a 4 gallon fuel tank
  • 6.5 HP engine


  • Might get a bit noisy

05. SIMPSON Cleaning SPG3645 Portable Gas Generator

Salient Feature

  • Running watt: 3600 Watt
  • Starting watt: 4500 Watt
  • Engine (cc): 224 cc
  • Voltage & Amp@RV: 120 V, 30 A
  • Voltage & Amp@Household: 120 V, 20 A 
  • Voltage & Amp@Locking: 120 V, 30 A
  • Fuel Sources (Duel Fuel/gas): Gas 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.43
  • Fuel Consumption: N/A
  • Sound/Noise Level (dBA): N/A
  • Running Time: 10 hours at 50 % load
  • USB Port (DC-Supply): Yes
  • Weight: 122 lbs
  • Dimension: 29.72 × 21.06 ×24.01 inches
  • Warranty: Limited warranty

A powerful gas generator that provides you with the enough power to carry out your work even in blackout. If you are living in a place where you often have to suffer from electricity blackout, this is a must to have thing at you place then.

Powerful engine:

This gas generator is having a most powerful engine of 224 c. this will be enough to power up the basic items of your house in case of an electricity blackout. This becomes even more useful at places that often suffer from natural disasters. Even the worse situations won’t have an effect on the performance of this engine.

Convenient construct:

The design of the generator is cage like. This adds extra protection to the engine and also makes the generator portable. The handles will help you to lift up the generator without any extra support. Furthermore, the handles are foldable and therefore, can be used according to your convenience.

Extremely portable:

A role cage design is provided in this powerful generator. Furthermore, the handles are foldable and two wheels (never flat) are also used. So that you can simply carry the generator as a luggage bag and take it anywhere you want to. This design also adds protection to the generator’s engine and other parts.

Versatile use:

The use of this gas generator is versatile. You have a place in mind? This will be a best fit for every single location. It does not matter where you want to use it. You can use it at job sites, field works and also for your household. Furthermore, you can use it at recreational sites, when you go on a trip with your friends.


  • Extra level protection with the roll cage design
  • Wheels adds to the stability of the generator
  • Highly portable and convenient design
  • 420 cc powerful engine
  • 10 hours of working time at ½ load


  • Does not has an electric start

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What is an inverter portable generator?

An inverter generator consumes gas or propane to normally run their combustion engine. Being portable means that the generator can be carried to any place without any problem or hassle. These generators are usually lightweight.

Furthermore, they are designed to produce electricity in AC, which is then transformed into DC power. Afterwards, this power is supplied to your appliances and they run. Usually the engine speed of the inverter portable generators varies with the demand.

The advantages of an inverter generator

An inverter generator provides you with a number of advantages over the conventional generators. The most favorable and user friendly feature of inverter generators is that they are much quieter. They do not produce loud noise.

Additionally, the inverter generators are lightweight and therefore, are easy to carry around places. This feature makes the inverter generators extremely portable. That is why they are widely used by tour planners and people who often go on camping.

Fuel efficiency is another great feature of the inverter generators. They are much more energy efficient than the other conventional generators. Most of the inverter generators run for 7 – 8 hours at ½ loads.

 In addition, the electricity produced by the inverter generators is in the safe range. You can easily use these generators to charge your mobile phone, laptops and other electronic gadgets.

The difference between inverter generators and portable generators

If you are confused about the choice of the generator. And you are thinking of shifting from a conventional to an inverter generator. Or you are buying a new generator for the first time. We are here to help you.

Below is the list of some of the important differences between a conventional generator and an inverter generator.


The production of type of electricity is the main technical difference between an inverter and conventional generator. A conventional generator produces electricity in AC current. On the other hand, an inverter generator produces Ac current and then a built-in converter converts the AC in to DC which is then again changed to AC. Finally, you will get a stable voltage.

The production of stable voltage prevents any possible damage to your appliances. Therefore, this is said to be a “clean source of electricity”. You do not have to worry about the electronic devices or gadgets getting destroyed because of high voltage.

Fuel efficiency and power:

Another major difference between the convention and an inverter generator is the fuel efficiency. Conventional generators are known to produce more power. Therefore, they consume more fuel. Furthermore, they do not have the capability to adjust to the load.

Contrary to this, the inverter generators have the ability to make adjustments according to the load. Therefore, they consume less fuel and work efficiently. Furthermore, the production of stable AC current is also the reason behind the fuel efficiency in these inverters.


The amount of power produced and the engine power has a major role in the portability of the generators. Inverter generators are lightweight and have a system of producing stable electricity therefore, they are more portable than the others.

On the other hand, the conventional generators produce more power and have a huge fuel tank. Therefore, they are heavier and have wheels installed for their portability. This helps in the movement of these heavy generators.

Noise levels:

The loud noise produced by conventional generators is their major flaw. People get tired of listening to the noise all the time. Especially if you are at a camp side, this noise will ruin your mood. Therefore, the inverter generators are made to produce less noise.

Usually the speed of the inverter generators is 3600 rpm and therefore, the noise production id reduced. The average noise levels produced by inverter generators range from 50 – 60 decibels. Furthermore, you can also get the necessary information about the noise levels from the detailed chart.

Parallel connections:

Parallel connection is needed for the management of the proper stable power output. Conventional generators already produce high amount of power and their portability is also low. Therefore, they do not have the parallel connection option.

On the other hand, the inverter generators produce less amount of power. Therefore, to balance the power demands for the high power intensive things, parallel connections are used. For making a parallel connection, two generators are combining together through a cable and double amount of power is obtained.


Emission of both generators is different. Conventional generators tend to release more toxic gases and therefore, are a threat to the natural environment. Contrary to this, the inverter generators are designed to lessen the emissions to higher extent.

Furthermore, the release of greenhouse gases by the inverters is much lower than that of the conventional ones.

Price range:

The price range of both of the generators is different. Conventional generators tend to be cheaper and are more affordable considering the power it provides. On the other hand, the inverter generators are much expensive because of the use of best quality parts. Furthermore, they are made quieter and fuel efficient, thus, this adds in the price tag.

How to choose the best portable inverter generator?

The selection of a portable inverter generator might be difficult for you, especially if you do not know the basics. Therefore, we are providing you with the information regarding some of the important features of the generators.

Power Capacity:

The power capacity of the inverter generator is highly important. It determines the capacity of the generator to power the electronic devices. For instance, if you want to run a water pump, the generator must have a 1000 Watt of running power capacity. For a deep freezer, the 500 Watt of power capacity is enough.


The mobility is highly important because the name shoes it is portable. So, most of the inverter generators are designed to be carried around anywhere. Moreover, they are lightweight, which further ads up to their portability.

Is it ready for RV:

The inverter generators are usually compatible to be used to power up the RV. Therefore, you must check it before buying one. The details of compatibility of the generator are available on the buying page. So, you must look for it, if you want the generator for your RV.


Starting the invertible generators is different. Some of the generators have a complex startup and you will need assistance for that. But most of the inverter generators do not have such a complex system. They usually have a push button that starts the generator.


If you need the generator of recreational places and you are often on the road, then you must look for stability of the generator. Usually wheels that are flat-free are used in such generators that not only add stability but also their mobility.

Fuel Source & Fuel Consumption:

Fuel source and fuel consumption of the inverter generators varies with their manufacturing and other specifications. Usually these generators are made fuel efficient and does not consume much as compared to the conventional ones. The fuel source for most of the generators is gas, but some also have dual system for fuel.


Safeguarding is the most important of any electrical tool and machine. Without an exception a completely safe generator would be better to be used. Safeguarding of not only the surrounding people but also of the generator itself is important. Therefore, for the protection of the generator, the structure is designed in such a way.

Noise Level:

Inverter generators do not produce much noise. Furthermore, the noise level generated by these generators is specified on their sites. Therefore, if you do want to get a rid of the generator noise, have a look at that first.

Product Dimensions & Weight:

Product dimensions and weight of the generator directly effects their mobility and portability. Therefore, if you want a more mobile generator, you must look for its weight and dimensions. Lightweight and low dimension generators are better to be carried around to trips etc.

Warranty & Service:

A better warranty shows that the manufacturer is sure of the quality of his product. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to get the benefit of repairing the generator in case of any issue. Therefore, you must look for a generator that provides you with the long term warranty.

Final verdict

Our team has worked for nights to provide you with the list of best Portable Inverter Generator. This list will help you with the selection of the generator that fits your needs and is within your budget range. So, if you have previously used a conventional generator and want a change, then you must go through it. 

Furthermore, if you are buying a generator for the first time and you are not sure whether to go for a conventional generator or an inverter. You must go through the comparison section that will help you get a hold of the situation. You will learn about the features of both generators and which one is better for you.

If you are confused about the choice of an inverter generator then you must go with our choice. We have selected a product from the list of top 5, after careful consideration. Therefore, you won’t have any doubt about the features and quality of the inverter generator.

We have provided you with the detailed information regarding the different features of a generator that you must look for. To learn more about the must to have features of an inverter portable generator, go through the buying guide. It will increase your information about the important functional features and they best values.

Finally, we know that there might be some questions in your mind regarding the best inverter portable generator. Therefore, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions in the FAQs section. Have a look at them and get rid of any confusion in your mind.


What is difference between inverter generator and regular generator?

There are some basic and technical differences between the inverter generators and the regular generators. First of all, the price range, inverter generators are more expensive than the others. The current power produced by regular generators is higher than that of regular ones. While in terms of fuel consumption, inverters are better than that of the regular generators.

Is an inverter generator worth it?

Inverter generators are somewhat expensive than the traditional generators. Moreover, these generators provide you with the fuel efficiency and thus, prevent the fuel cost. These generators are also travel friendly and lightweight so you can take them anywhere on your road trips. In addition to these, inverter generators also have lower noise levels, so won’t add to the noise pollution.

Can an inverter generator run a refrigerator?

A simple answer to this question is a Yes. Inverter generators are designed to convert DC into AC and thus it produces a stable electric voltage. Therefore, these generators are best suitable for the electrical appliances. You can charge your mobile phone, laptops and other home appliances including your refrigerator.

Does a portable generator have an inverter?

Portable generators and inverter generators are somewhat different from each other. Portable generators are conventional and do not have a variable speed. Their speed is always fixed. On the other hand, the inverter generators have a variable speed. They produce only the amount of power that is needed by the appliance. Therefore, the fuel consumption is also efficient.

Do portable inverter generators need to be grounded?

Yes, all the portable inverter generators should be grounded if you want to maintain a safe hand. But the grounding of generators is different depending on their design. If the generator is not grounded properly, there is a risk of voltage to be exceeded to + 300 volts. This will increase the chance of giving an electric shock to any person nearby.

What is the best inverter generator for the money?

The best inverter generator that will be the best value for your money can easily be found from the list of top 5 inverter generators that we have provided to you.

How much power of a generator is needed to run a refrigerator?

Although it is possible to run a refrigerator on the inverter generator. But the need to know the running voltage is also equally important. If you want to run a refrigerator on the inverter generator there is a need to have the one that work on 1200 Watts of startup power and 800 Watts of running power.

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