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When purchasing a plasma cutter, a welder experiences the challenge of finding an affordable yet efficient machine. Prices vary depending on the quality and effectiveness of use. If your budget is within a thousand, then looking for the best plasma cutter under 1000 is what you can consider.

While there may be many plasma cutters, distinguishing and acquiring the best appears problematic to a majority of individuals. Hobart AirForce 12ci is among the best plasma cutters that most people prefer. It has a built-in compressor, which provides the cutting pressure. Besides, the 120 voltage enables it to cut heavy steel.

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Selecting the best plasma cutter depends on one's preferences, kind of work to be handled, and the value attached. Cited below are the top 05 best plasma cutters under 1000:

Products Image

Products Name

Max Cutting Thickness

¾ inches

¾ inches

5/8 inches

1 ½ inch

½ inches

1/8 inches

Rated Output Current

10-54 Amp

60 Amp

45 Amp

20-80 A DC output



Output Voltage


120 V





Amperage Capacity

55 amp

20-60 Amp

100 Amp


22A at 240V

20 amps

Dual Voltage Option

Either 220V 50/60 Hz Power or on 110V 50/60 Hz






Insulation Class







Protection Class



Enabled by 2T/4T function

Machine Grounding and High Frequency Interference
Protection section



Duty Cycle

40 degrees of duty cycle

60% for 60 amp



Stick: 120/240V 35%@100/ 35%@160A
TIG: 120/240V, 35% @ 125A/ 35%@200A

35% at 104F

CNC Port

55 amp






Pilot Arc Model

Non-touch pilot

Dual voltage model of CUT40Hsv, HF





Pressure of Air Compressor

65-70 PSI

50.7-65.3 psi.


0.2~0.4Mpa, 4.8cfm @75psi

57 psi


Air Requirements

Non-hazardous air, Built-in








53.3 pounds

30.1 pounds

38.0 pounds

30 pounds

31 pounds

Power Source



Portable, Any





Three years

Three years

Three years

One year

Five years

5-3-1 years


01. Lotos LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

Salient Feature

  • Max Cutting Thickness: ¾ inches.
  • Size: ½ inch clean cut
  • Rated Output Current: 10-54AMP
  • Output Voltage: 110/120V
  • Amperage Capacity: 55 amp
  • Dual Voltage Option: Either 220V 50/60 Hz Power or on 110V 50/60 Hz
  • Insulation Class: B
  • Protection Class: IP21
  • Duty Cycle: 40 degrees of duty cycle
  • CNC Port: 55 amp
  • Pilot Arc Model: Non-touch pilot
  • Pressure of Air Compressor: 65-70 PSI 
  • Air Requirements: Non-hazardous air, Built-in
  • Weight: 19.4kgs
  • Power Source: AC/DC
  • Warranty: Three years

It is a stick welder 3 in 1 combo welding machine, ½ Inch clean-cut, and brown

Apart from Lotos LTPD non-touch pilot arc cutter TIG welder being portable, the compressed air used to cut any type of steel and aluminum is non-hazardous. Its quality, (TIG), which has a thinner gauge, enables it to control the welding heat. Additionally, it has a striking arc current, an adjustable arc, which improves the start function best for base or acidic electrodes.

Besides, with the combination of the pigtail, Lotos LTPD non-touch has dual automatic voltage, a feature that makes this machine function directly on either 220V 50/60 Hz power or 110V 50/60 Hz.


  • It can cut rough, surfaces with paintings, rusty, and problematic areas
  • A multi-purpose machine, functioning as a 200A stick welder, 200DC TIG, and 50A arc cutter as well
  • Capable of carrying a variety of metal cuts that range to an equivalent of ½ inch.
  • Ease of use with since it comes with a professional's manual that a welder can follow through without difficulties
  • The dual voltage enables operation at a higher speed
  • The machine has up to three years warranty. Besides, upon buying, a welder is given a thirty-day period to claim their cash back in case of dissatisfaction.
  • Non-touch pilot arc for perfect cutting, a technology that does not require one to touch while cutting
  • Ability to cut using minimum heat without distorting the metal
  • The machine is portable since it is compact.
  • Its design makes it durable even under harsh environments.
  • Affordable by anyone
  • The cooling system is advanced compared to the other machines
  • Has a TIG welder, with a 15-200 AMP production of electric current
  • The compressed air is non-hazardous


  • Despite its likable features, a welder has to buy a pigtail separately for ease of use, makes it expensive compared to other machines
  • Some welders claim it is not as effective as its manufacturer’s boast of
  • The user manual is not detailed, confusing some users, especially those following the guide
  • Once the consumables deteriorate, they are expensive to replace

02. Weldpro 60 Amp Inverter HF Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter with Dual Voltage 220V/110V 

Salient Feature

  • Max Cutting Thickness: ¾ inches
  • Machine Size: 28.3 x 25.2 x 13 inches
  • Rated Output Current: 60 amp
  • Output Voltage: 20-60Amp
  • Amperage Capacity: 20-60 Amp
  • Dual Voltage Option: 115V-230V
  • Insulation Class: F
  • Protection Class: IP21
  • Duty Cycle: 60% for 60amp
  • Pilot Arc Model: Dual voltage model of CUT40Hsv, HF
  • Pressure of Air Compressor: 50.7-65.3 psi.
  • Air Requirements: In-built
  • Weight: 53.3 pounds
  • Power Source: AC/DC
  • Warranty: Three years

This machine is a yellow-black one, and it uses lesser time, and its final cuts, is smooth. Besides, it is capable of cutting any metal without difficulties. It cuts through aluminum, cast iron, stainless, and any kind of metal. This makes it the right choice suitable for factory maintenance, fabrication, and farm work.

Following its ability to cut thicker metals, most buyers consider it significant in comparison to the rest.

The air compressor does not need additional yet expensive gases to enable functionality.

The pilot arc makes it work effectively by producing clean cuts

It has a cutting torch, a ground clamp, hammer brush, face mask, and a power adapter as its additional packages. Besides, it is an IGBT module that comes with a user manual to help you work effectively.


  • Has an inverter technology, making it handle difficult jobs
  • Its duty cycle rates at 60 amp
  • Has an auto body repair
  • Cuts all kinds of metals: 24-gauge thin to 0.787 inches thicker
  • Affordable cost with few consumables
  • Cleaning is not required, especially when progressing with cutting
  • It is consistent and reliable, providing a thickness of ½ inches and severity thickness of close to ¾ inches
  • The 120 amp voltage capacity restricts amp cutting capacity and output
  • A cable that is 300A
  • This machine has dimensions of 28.3x25.2x13 inches
  • Works on expanded metal as well
  • Though it performs several functions, the device is durable
  • An indicator shows when you overload it or when the temperature is high


  • Some users who have tried following the manual claim that it is not clear
  • The ground connection is an area that needs more adjusting
  • Its code is very short

03. Razorweld JRWPC45LT Plasma Cutter, 45 amp 

Salient Feature

  • Max Cutting Thickness: 5/8 inches
  • Machine Size: 20 x 16 x 11 inches
  • Rated Output Current: 45 amp
  • Output Voltage: 96V
  • Amperage Capacity: 100 amp
  • Dual Voltage Option: N/A
  • Insulation Class: H
  • Protection Class: Enabled by 2T/4T function
  • Duty Cycle: 60
  • CNC Port: N/A
  • Pilot Arc Model: Non-touch
  • Pressure of Air Compressor: 4.5psi
  • Air Requirements: Preset
  • Weight: 30.1 pounds
  • Power Source: Portable, Any
  • Warranty: Three years

It is among the latest IGBT inverter technology. It is portable, with a single-phase inverter; the machine is efficient in terms of service.

Additionally, it has a combination of robust custom sure grip torch, whose design is to make its cuts seamless. The razorweld JRWPC45LT plasma cutter has a 2T/4T function, which helps in running in these operations.

The ability to change a cutting capacity is made easier by dialing the 20-45 amp, enabling a faster finish. Besides, the low pilot arc frequency enhances reliability and ensures a consistent operation, preventing any hindrance that may occur from available electrical devices.

Furthermore, the machine comes with a pre-set air regulator, reducing the struggle of setting up. The built-in handle makes it easier to grab and carry when there is a need to shift. It has a scientific, industrial power source corded in the machines as well.


  • With customized settings, it is easy to run and operate
  • Its dimensions are 20 x 6 x 11 inches and weigh 30.1 pounds
  • Its cutting capacity and performance is high
  • A duty cycle of 60 amp is an additional advantage
  • The pre-set air is adjustable
  • You can alter the cutting capacity by dialing 20-40 amp, which can be more than ½ inch steel plate
  • Can be applied in industries
  • Preferred to cut materials that conduct electricity
  • Its metal housing is strong
  • The plasma torch is of high quality (TRF-45-6-CC1)
  • The output voltage is 50A
  • The rated output current is 20-40A
  • It has a 150 amp dual voltage and a CNC port


  • The nozzle that comes with its package is smaller, limiting the machine to a smaller amp and could damage the cutting quality.
  • Manufacturers can consider adding a drag tip to save time spent drilling one

04. Lotos Technology LTP8000 80 Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter

Salient Feature

  • Max Cutting Thickness: 1 ½ inch
  • Clean Cut Size: 1 inches
  • Machine Size: N/A
  • Rated Output Current: 220V
  • Output Voltage: 50/60Hz
  • Amperage Capacity: 80 amp
  • Dual Voltage Option: 110V/220V 
  • Duty Cycle: 80A
  • CNC Port: Portable
  • Pilot Arc Model: Non-touch
  • Air Requirements: Pre-set
  • Weight: 38.0 pounds
  • Power Source: 80A 
  • Warranty: One year

It has non-hazardous compressed air with features like the pilot arc to ensure a continuous cutting process even when it is dirty or a rough surface.

On the other hand, these combinations enable minimal heat input, which prevents the distortion of metals cut. Lotos Technology LTP8000 has additional packages of pilot arc cutting torch, ground clamp, a power supply of 80A, a pre-installed air filter, which regulates air, among others.

An automatic dual voltage output of 220V-240V and input ensures a clean cut of metals.

Additionally, it has German technology PAPST, which helps in cooling in case the machine overheats.


  • Portable
  • Uses non-hazardous compressed air
  • Easy to set up and use
  • You can connect to the air compressor without difficulties
  • Power input is 110V for 50/60 and 220V for 50 Hz
  • The input power cable whose length is six inches helps connect to a power source


  • When not set well, you might get a disappointment with your cuttings since they will be rough
  • The absence of a manual can make new users experience difficulties while operating the machine.

05. 2019 Everlast Power ITig 201 DC STICK TIG welder 110v/220v dual voltage

Salient Feature

  • Max Cutting Thickness: ½ inches
  • Machine Size: 26 x 6 x 14 inches
  • Rated Output Current: 200A
  • Output Voltage: 120V
  • Amperage Capacity: 22A at 240V
  • Dual Voltage Option: 120v-240V
  • Insulation Class: F
  • Duty Cycle: 240V
  • Pilot Arc Model: Non-touch
  • Pressure of Air Compressor: 57 psi
  • Air Requirements: In-built
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Power Source: DC
  • Warranty: Five years

It is a digital but economical TIG welder that enables a welder to still use it comfortably like the analog one.

Additionally, you can cut magnetic metals by switching to AC. In this way, the machine works on an increased temperature by using TIG. A welder can also adjust to the necessary parameters for the cutting in place.

In comparison to DC TIG or stick welders, its operations are better than its counterparts, making it a good alternative. Together with IGBT modules, the evarlast power ITig enhances efficiency while working.


  • Has a user manual to help in setting up and how to use
  • Easy to use even when one is not good at welding
  • Provides a smooth cutting when on 110V
  • Serves a multiple of functions
  • Capable of welding when one applies inverter techniques
  • Can be used for quick melting functions
  • Has extra penetration capability, implying that thicker wood of up to 200" can be cut
  • It operates on a maximum duty cycle operation
  • It has a reliable performance
  • A pilot arc model
  • One can adjust per preferences
  • Best quality with an upgrade in the glass lens
  • It lasts longer


  • Users claim the manual has shallow details on how to set up and use
  • Because of its digital features, it is costly, implying that not everyone can afford it
  • The electrode holder needs adjusting to function and serve better
  • An output option could be necessary for some users
  • Some users complain that it does not have a good effect when cutting aluminum. However, this depends on how well you set it up.

06. Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter 

Salient Feature

  • Max Cutting Thickness: 1/8 inches
  • Machine Size: 16.5 x 18.5 x 11.2 inches
  • Rated Output Current: 20A
  • Output Voltage: 120V
  • Amperage Capacity: 20 amps
  • Dual Voltage Option: 115/230V
  • Insulation Class: F
  • Protection Class: Thermal
  • Duty Cycle: 35% at 104F
  • Pilot Arc Model: Non-touch
  • Pressure of Air Compressor:
  • Air Requirements: Built-in
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Warranty: 5-3-1 years

It has an in-built inverter technology (Airforce 12ci) that makes it capable of cutting compact lightweight. Its package is 25lbs.

Furthermore, the built-in Airforce 12ci has built-in pressure, which makes Hobart 500564 ready to cut immediately after purchase.

At the pull of a trigger, it can readily work without appearing problematic to a welder.

Additionally, it has a plasma torch arch, which measures 12 inches long and uses the plasma cutter model of 770795 that enables it to work efficiently.

Notably, the diagnostic LED lights enable a user to regulate the temperature and power. Additionally, it has a post flow cooling effect, which ensures that air is not released upon releasing the trigger.


  • It is single phased with 110V
  • The plasma torch is replaceable
  • Cleaning up is easy
  • Additional consumables include two tips, electrode, standoff guide, among others
  • The thermal overload protection ensures that it functions for a longer period regardless of different working conditions.
  • The cuttings are nice and clean
  • Thermal protection class


  • The machine does not have a non-touch arc pilot, and the consumables quickly used
  • The Hobart 12ci cannot be used for CNC plasma tables
  • Can only cut to ¼ of steel material
  • Some users ask for a drag shield for the plasma torch
  • Requires patience to produce the best quality, though consumes a lot of time

How to choose the best plasma cutter under 1000?

If you are a welder, then you know that at times it appears problematic for you to find the best plasma cutter. The presence of a variety of plasma cutters in the market complicates the selection even more. Here is a list of features that would enable you to distinguish plasma cutters and find the best plasma cutters that cost less than 1000


Identifying a unique cutter depends on how suitable a welder can use. Before selecting, consider its portability. It is essential to know if your machine is portable, especially if you have several operation sites, and you can only afford one plasma cutter. Considerable choices, among others, would be Herocut plasma 35i plasma cutter, which weighs 6.5kgs, Lotos LT5000D 50A air inverter plasma cutter (dual voltage 110/220V, and Lotos LT3500 35A air plasma.

Durability and where to use:

Besides portability, a user can consider the duration a plasma cutter takes before damaging or requiring mechanical replacement. Examples of plasma cutters that last long even when a welder changes the environment he or she works in include, reboot plasma cutter 40A AC 110V with a portable metal cutter, and pilot arc AC plasma cutter tosense cut50P 50A dual voltage.

Included Components:

Some plasma cutters do not have additional components that make them slower for cutting and ineffective. The additional components include a built-in compressor and a pre-installed air filter. Primarily, the components insulate the machine from overheating the machine is put on an operation for an extended period. Such plasma cutters are Lotos LTP5000D 50A plasma cutter, among others.

Cutting Capability:

Apart from durability, the plasma cutter machines vary in terms of cutting capability. Some like the 2019 Everlast Power ITig 201 DC STICK TIG welder 110v/220v dual voltage cutter may not cut all metals. Additionally, if a welder has thicker metals, opting for a Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter with Built-In Air Compressor 120V is not advisable because it cuts up to ¼ inches of metal.

Non-touch plasma cutter:

Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter with Built-In Air Compressor 120V is a good example of a plasma cutter that has does not have a non-touch arc, making it difficult to use. A non-touch plasma cutter enables a machine to cut through metal easily.

Wide application:

Considering a wider application for your welding operations is necessary. Relatively, most people prefer a plasma cutter that is a preference to many.

What is a plasma cutter?

A plasma cutter is a machine used for welding operations, which makes it cut them as desired by a welder serving different purposes. Primarily, it is used to design different shapes, sizes, or pieces. Following the advancement of technology and innovation, the plasma cutter has a design that replaces ancient drilling materials.

How does a plasma cutter work?

A plasma cutter works by compressing the arc, and the air is blown from a nozzle at high speed, creating an extremely hot torch. Consequently, the torch knife pierces and cuts through any electrically conductive material without a struggle. Usually, the gases used are in-built and compressed in the plasma cutter. They include argon, nitrogen, and oxygen, among others.

How to run a plasma cutter? (Step by step)

Congratulations on upgrading and acquiring a new machine, a plasma cutter. However, do you know how to use it? Sometimes following through the manual that comes with the plasma is difficult. Besides, some manufacturers do not attach a guide on how to set it up and start running an operation. Here is a step by step guide that will ensure a successful operation:

  • Identify your working area- a surface like a table could be a good option
  • Ensure that the unit is off and then plug it in
  • Connect the plasma cutter to the external air compressor. Ensure that the female and male connection
  • Turn the air on the lever for about 90 degrees for effective functioning
  • Attach the ground clamp, make sure they are close to where you are cutting
  • Flip the switch on the rear unit to turn on the machine
  • Set the currents as per the metal to be cut. For instance, for an 18ga metal sheet, set the current to 25.
  • Lift the trigger to depress it and push the gun to allow cutting
  • When done, turn off the machine
  • Disconnect the metal you have been working on from the ground clamp
  • Rotate the lever to 90 degrees to turn off the air
  • Finally, wind up your work by wrapping the airline, gun line, and ground line, and then keep them safe.

When you follow this step by step guide, you will have finer cuts without experiencing difficulties. This step by step enables you to do the cutting by yourself without seeking professional help.

Final verdict

When in the welding business, making perfect cuttings increase an individual's ability to do more. With the upcoming of plasma cutters, a welder is assured of having good cuts from the metalwork. However, finding the best plasma cutters under 1000 is the next step to consider.


Are cheap plasma cutters any good?

Though plasma cutters' prices vary depending on the model and ease of use, the Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc is among the affordable ones, which operates better in comparison to the others.

What is the best plasma cutter for the money?

The best plasma cutter for money depends on a welder's specifications. While Hypertherm powermax 45 is a preferable choice for many, if you are looking for a smaller one, then Hobart AirForce 40i is a good choice.

What size air compressor do you need for a plasma cutter?

Before you settle on the size of the air compressor for a plasma cutter, it is vital to have an idea of what the manufacturer recommends. Notably, each plasma cutter has different recommendations for the size of air compression, depending on the model. However, some plasma cutters have an in built-in air compression. Nonetheless, if you have to set it manually, then the minimum size for the air compressor is 55psi. The idea is, for any stable operation, low amperage would require less air pressure.

How does a plasma cutter cut?

The plasma cutter sends an electric arc that passes through an opening like a nozzle. Consequently, high temperature is elevated, forming ion like matter with equal positive and negative charged ions. The gas is squeezed into the nozzle allowing it to pass through at a higher speed. This process transfers the arc that facilitates cutting through an electrically conductive metal.

How much air pressure does a plasma cutter need?

Applying the necessary air pressure is essential for any perfect cutting. Though the air pressure to apply to vary across models, when cutting up to 3/8 inches of metal to 7/8 inches, a welder can apply 4-8 per standard cubic feet minute.

How thick can plasma cutter cut?

Depending on the model used, plasma cutters vary in how thick metal can cut. The metals also determine the thickness that can be cut. Nevertheless, a plasma cutter can cut a minimum of 38mm an equivalent of 1.5 inches and a maximum of 150mm, which is 6 inches.

What is the best plasma cutter under $500?

Identifying the best plasma cutters under $500 should not be a problem for a welder. However, a user has to consider efficiency before settling for one. Among the best plasma cutters are VIVOHOME DC Inverter non-touch pilot super deal DC inverter, lotos LT5000D, and primeweld Ct520d 50 Amps plasma cutter.

What is a non-touch plasma cutter?

A non-touch plasma cutter refers to a model that cuts within a rough, painted and rusty metal with a minimal slag. An example is the non- touch pilot arc plasma cutter.

What air pressure is required for plasma cutting?

For plasma cutting, the pressure air pressure necessary depends on the model and metal. Nevertheless, for 7/8 inches, the pressure to be applied is 4-8scfm

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